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Get the predefined APLVNCC route for upcoming rides onto your GPS device or a printed cue sheet for turn-by-turn instructions!

Note: You have to have a free account with Strava and be signed-in, in order to view the Cue Sheets.

To learn how to Create Routes, see these Blog Posts:

Route Name Ride Date Classification Region Distance Planner Cue Sheet Link
B Ride Sat, June 11/16 Sat, 2016/06/11 - 8:00am B Group Wainfleet 110 km <Strava Download
Thursday Night B+ Ride: June 9, 2016. Thu, 2016/06/09 - 6:00pm B+ Group St. Catharines 63 km <Strava Download
NOTL Supper Market Cycle Wed, 2016/06/08 - 5:30pm Social Group Niagara-on-the-Lake 30 km <Strava Download
Tuesday June 7 APLV A/B 6pm ride Tue, 2016/06/07 - 6:00pm B+ Group Niagara Falls 64 km <Strava Download
Evening rides Mon, 2016/06/06 - 7:30am B+ Group Niagara Falls 65 km <Strava Download
Calamus Winery Destination RIde June 5/16 Sun, 2016/06/05 - 8:00am Social Group Smithville 63 km <Strava Download
Chucky's B Ride Sat, 2016/06/04 - 8:00am B Group Fort Erie 112 km <Strava Download
Saturday Morning A Ride: June 4, 2016. Sat, 2016/06/04 - 8:00am A Group Beamsville 100 km <Strava Download
Sunday Social Climbing Sun, 2016/05/29 - 9:00am Social Group Niagara-on-the-Lake 54 km <Strava Download
B Route Sunday Morning Sun, 2016/05/29 - 9:00am B Group Pelham 57 km <Strava Download
Saturday Morning A Ride: May 28, 2016. Sat, 2016/05/28 - 9:00am A Group Smithville 98 km <Strava Download
Saturday Morning Rec Ride: May 28, 2016 Sat, 2016/05/28 - 9:00am Recreational Group Niagara Falls 38 km <Strava Download
APLVNCC Saturday B Ride Fri, 2016/05/27 - 3:00pm B Group Pelham 84 km <Strava Download
Wednesday Night Social Ride: May 25, 2016. Wed, 2016/05/25 - 6:00pm Social Group Niagara-on-the-Lake 50 km <Strava Download
tues A/B May24 Tue, 2016/05/24 - 6:00pm B+ Group Niagara-on-the-Lake 57 km <Strava Download
Sat A Ride Sat, 2016/05/21 - 9:00am A Group Port Colborne 100 km <Garmin Connect Download
Thursday Night A&B Ride: May 19, 2016. Thu, 2016/05/19 - 6:00pm B+ Group Pelham 59 km <Strava Download
Sat A ride Sat, 2016/05/14 - 1:00pm A Group Niagara-on-the-Lake 60 km <Strava Download
Saturday B Ride Sat, 2016/05/14 - 9:00am B Group Pelham 80 km <Strava Download
Thursday night "A" "B"ackwards Opener Thu, 2016/05/12 - 2:45pm B+ Group Niagara Falls 55 km <Strava Download


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