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Shelley Gauthier Second Annual Stationary Bike Race


Sunday, May 7th saw a group of 10 Amicis and some cheerleaders out at Club Italia supporting the Shelley Gauthier Foundation at the 2nd Annual Stationary Bike Race.  We were honored to race to raise funds that are used in our local region to support athletes of all abilities in their sport of cycling.  The team road on tandem bikes that are used by sighted riders leading those without sight.   And we were without sight!  We could not see our speedometers and had to rely on the McGinley sisters enthusiastic shouting from their paired up tandem as they counted out their kilometers ridden.  Gord Singleton had thrown down the gauntlet, that one of us needed to ride 17km in 20min.... as a group of 10 we did 95, while Gord made 20k look easy.  A fun event with a great group of volunteers.   And no, it was not easy!

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