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Route Maps for Strava Routes are back

A little over two years ago, Strava stopped allowing embedding Strava Route pages on external websites. This added an additional click to our website when Ride Leaders would post Strava Routes to see the route map and additional details. This has been an on-going discussion over at the Strava Customer Support forum as to why they removed this capability which has fallen on deaf ears.

A third-party developer,, created a widget that now allows you to embed Strava Routes on your website. Hopefully it continues to be maintained and developed as I have added it to our website. Now, when you post a Strava Route the map with show automatically, just like Garmin Connect Routes that are posted by our Ride Leaders.

Strava Routes

Pre-planned routes by our Ride Leaders is a key part of keeping our club members informed of the ride taking place and terrain ahead of them. For those familiar with the area or that download the route ahead of time to their GPS device, it helps them know the upcoming turns to negotiate and landmarks to look for along the route. It also allows some to keep in mind how much they need to save in their gas tank to get themselves home!

Creating a route in Strava is much simpler than one would think. While laying out steps might be helpful for some to follow, a visual tutorial usually doesn't miss any minute detail that will leave you stuck. This 5-minute video covers the basics on creating a route in Strava and will have you developing new routes to try in no time. 

For additional information on Strava Routes, see these helpful links:

Strava Club

Strava Club page is back!

The Amici per la Vita Niagara Cycling Club Strava Club is back and you can join it again at the following link.

How does Strava work?

Visit Strava's How It Works page for a thorough explanation of how Strava works, compatible GPS Devices, and more questions and answers you may have in their Frequently Asked Questions section.

How to join the APLVNCC Strava Club?

  1. Register for a free Strava account
  2. Login to Strava
  3. Go to our Strava Club page or use the search by going through the Strava website menu to find us: Explore > Clubs > Search 'Amici Per La Vita Niagara CC'
  4. Click the 'Join Club' button

Why join?

  • See how your metrics stack up against other APLVNCC members
  • Get motivated to ride and move your way up the weekly leaderboard
  • Keep track of your mileage (per bike, per week, per month, per year)
  • Whether you're a newbie, social, B or A rider - improve your fitness and compare against previous rides and segments
  • Monthly Strava Challenges

Useful Resources

  • Activity Playback: Have you ever met up with another cyclist on your ride or wondered who that cyclist was that crossed your path? Well, if that other cyclist was using Strava you can now see who it was using the Activity Playback.

Strava Club Summary

Strava Club Activities

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