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Beginner Mountain Bike Session Sunday Oct 22 9am

Come one! come all!

We will be riding out to Woodend park from Firemen's park for a 15k beginner mountian bike ride (roadie equivalent: 40kish).

Scott will be also doing some coaching if you are new to the sport to help you get oriented to the dirty side of life - It's a great way to stay fit through the winter.

Scott will have an spare size small mountian bike on hand for anyone who does not have a bike to use.

Come on out and have some fun this fall!!!

Scott May is our leader on this ride and can be contacted via faceboook or refer to the members list.

Support Bridge-it! Attend Public Works meeting Tues. Oct. 17

Hello Amici Cycling Club members and friends,

On Tuesday, Oct 17/17 at 9:30 am, the Public Works Committee ("PWC") of the Niagara Region at the Niagara Region Headquarters, Campbell West, 1815 Sir Isaac Brock Way, Thorold, ON, will be considering a request for funding of the Port Robinson Ferry for the 2018 calendar year.

Two cycling advocacy groups will me making formal presentations to the PWC:

1. Niagara Cycling Clubs Alliance ("NCCA") (Amici Cycling Club is a member of the NCCA)

2. Niagara Cycling Tourism Centre ("NCTC")

Members, see you email for the PWC Meeting Agenda and the materials submitted by the NCCA and NCTC for consideration by the Committee.

The success of the presentations will be greatly complimented by having as many cycling jerseys in the audience as possible.

Mountain Bike Saturday

Hi everyone!

If you are interested in doing the mountain bike ride this weekend, It will be held on Saturday due to the threat of thunderstorms on Sunday.

Departure time is 9:00AM from Firemen's Park.

We will bike out to Woodend park, and do a lap of the trails there, about 15-20k total(1hr 45min).

Beginners welcome. Contact Scott May as he also has a small mountain bike available for those who want to try.

See you tomorrow!

The Fall Fifty Sunday Oct 15th

What:  Organized Fundraiser sponsored by the Spinal Cord Injury Association of Ontario

When:  Saturday October 15th

Where:  50 km or 50 miles through the Vineyards, starting on Lakeshore Rd.

Minimum donation required $100/per person

contact if you are interested

It's Nate's Fault!

Nate's trying to play spoiler on tomorrow's rides, but we're one step ahead of him! Rain is forecast to end late Monday morning, so we'll re-schedule our 9:00 am rides to start at 1:00 pm Monday afternoon. It's our last officially scheduled ride after all, we have to get it in right? Anyway come at 1:00 pm, we'll ride for 2 hours or so and then gather in the park for an end of season tailgate. Hope to see those of you who have already had the chance to indulge in your turkey this weekend and come join us! 

Save the Date! November 11, 2017

Year End Fun!

When: Saturday, November 11th; 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

What:  APLV Year End Party; includes a catered meal, awards, door prizes, live band and celebrating a year well spent on our bicycles.

Where: Firemens Park (main hall)

Who: All members and their guests at a cost of $15/person.

Why: Because we like you...we really really like you!

You will need to confirm your attendance and arrange to pay in advance so we can commit to our caterer.

Contact Bev Wright or Marcus Klein for more information.

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